Mom Me Time # 4: Pampering Myself

I guess just this week I had a lot of Mommy Me Time, because earlier this week me and my friend went to a saloon to pamper our nails, while she also had her hair day at Montora. We also obtain their nail art free of charge, once you choose the pricey nail colors, you could avail the nail art on the big toes.

This is my friend, no she’s not a mom yet, but ever since I started working in a call center, she was always my buddy. And we are really click to one another even until, sometimes at work, they thought we were sisters.

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On Her Birthday

I talked to my eldest daughter this morning and one of our topics were, where would she celebrate her birthday next year, since she doesn’t like it to be held it at school anymore. She suggested it would be great if she will celebrate it with team mates in the beach, she is asking for a new swim wear, it should not be the same style of what she is wearing during training so she won’t feel that she is not on training anymore. It is funny how it would affect her while it is only a swim wear, oh well, since it would be her birthday she can do what she wants, although the celebration will be next year yet. I even teased her if she likes the idea of hiring a magician or clown like the Dallas Clown, it would be so much fun if we would hire somebody to be as a clown. She gave me a hard look and said she is not getting any younger at all to have a clown on her birthday. She said, I should reserve that on her little sister’s birthday, surely enough, Faith will be delighted and will be happy to have one more clown, aside from Dora or Barney as mascots. I realized where did the time go by? It is so fast; my little Mj is now becoming a lady very soon.

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My niece and my daughter trying to make some faces in front of the webcam. When her Ate Maying asked her to do something, she will gladly imitate. Such a cutie!

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We Had A Great Time Today

My sister was the one who sent Jm to the gym this morning so I could rest a little while and so I can blog as well too. ,She went back home around 1 p.m. so I started preparing myself to fetch Jm from her Kumon. My Niece was waiting too in the mall, she just finish her entrance exam at the school she will enroll for college this June. We went back to the gym afterwards, and had a dinner with friends in a BBQ house then we went home. It was such a long day but we had a great time.

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