Go, Grow, Glow

I was smiling and giggling when Faith always repeating what they have tackled in the school. She always informed that she have to eat Go, Grow, Glow foods in order to grow and healthy. She is not a vegetable eater but with what she learned I guess she will do her best to eat vegetables. She said, she’d like to try all, she always even reads her Science book regarding with Go, Grow, Glow.

As a Mom we also need to be refreshed the meaning of these three basic food groups. Here are the three basic food groups.

Go Foods- Go foods can boost energy to play every day, so kids have time to eat rice, corn, bread, potato, grain cereals, and pastas.

Grow Foods: Grow foods is a body building food. It helps our body grow bigger and even stronger. So what are grow foods? Grow foods are milk, fish, eggs, meat, yogurt and cheese. Dairy Products are also types of this food group.

Glow Foods: It is a body regulating food. These foods help our body to fight illness. This can make our immune system stronger. And the food that belongs to this group is no other than green leafy vegetable and fruits.

So kids, don’t forget the 3 basic foods okay? And always ask your parents to prepare this food for you even in the school.

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