No Junk Foods To This House, Ever Again!

When I fetched Faith last week on Wednesday from Kumon, she complained right away that her tooth was so painful. I let her drink some water to lessen the pain; she slept on our way home. Even though she said the pain was a bit gone when we went down from the Jeepney I still bought her Paracetamol. Her fever was going up and down at times. On Friday, she had then a runny nose, we went to her Pedia on Saturday, her doctor prescribed us the Alnix for runny nose and Asmalin for the cough, the doctor we still need to continue until it’s gone. The next day her fever went up but it went down on Monday. We though she already recovered so we bathe her but after her bathe, her fever strikes again. I was so worried that it might be something else, we went back to her Pedia on Tuesday then we found out that she have a UTI infection.

Since she already has the right medicine after she took her antibiotic, her fever was gone. I recalled that I bought lots of junk foods before the fiesta and I thought it was the culprit. The same thing happened when she was 3 years old when I bought some junk foods on New Year and days later she had a fever, the same infection. So no junk foods ever for this house again!

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Things To Know That Woman Should Know

Last week I was task to write an article regarding home remedies for period irregularities. Mind you I don’t know what those are; I need to research so I can come up with an idea. And not only that it took me almost two weeks so I can at least make two pages of home solution for menstruation irregularities. It was not easy but I am glad that I was able to check those solutions online because I learned.

They required me to write 20 home remedies but I only wrote 10. I mean, it’s hard to write when you are also too busy offline. On the other hand these are the things I found out.




Bitter Gourd 




Aloe Vera


Sesame Seeds

Butter Milk and Radish Seeds

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All The Time

Accidents happen at all times even if we are just in front of our house. So in any case we should prepare for it. Poison Ivy can attacked us in a dormant phase especially during winter but when you know its dormant, it would be better if we have something for it already while 911 is on its way yet. This is used by everyone so I know this is a big help for all the family and I am referring about rhus tox, if you are expose with plants or if you love gardening and hiking a lot, you should have the rhus tox all the time. I am sure it will simply save your life or someone’s life a lot. It is better to prepare than you feel sorry in the end.

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Severe Stomachache Led To Dyspepsia Ulcer

I supposed to grocery shop yesterday but the funds that my husband will wired me will arrive late in the afternoon. I didn’t what time it will be wired. I tag my niece along with me so we can buy some things for the house. But Faith have to do Kumon yet, so we waited for her not knowing that the Xoom in SM will just be at 7:00 p.m. they won’t entertain anymore beyond that. So the moment I got the secret code, from SM we went to NCCC Mall, but the agency there was offline so from there I went to Matina Crossing, just to claim the funds. We were already so hungry even Faith and Mj, right after I got the funds, I dragged the kids to the nearest Grill Restaurant. We waited our order for 15 minutes, Faith was already complaining. The moment that the foods were served, we ate it like there’s no tomorrow that was how hungry we were.

I thought that we don’t have any problem anymore after were done eating but Mj got a severe stomach ache, she said she gets too dizzy already. She wanted to eat more but she can’t because of the stomachache. I suspected something already but we tried to buy her something. However, it just calms the stomach but the pain is still there until this morning. So instead of sending her off to school, we went to her Pediatrician right away. And I was correct because she was diagnosed for Ulcer Dyspepsia not the severe one but going there.

While listening to her Doctor, I was tracking her recent activity. And I remember she got too engrossed with working out and dieting and that she skipped meal sometimes. I informed the Doctor about it and he advised Mj not to skip meals, she can at least eat a little and during meal time, she should not be eating a lot, she should only be taking a little but not skipping. Last night when we were all hungry, she ate all so sudden and too much when the foods were served, it trigger her condition that’s why her stomach was very painful that she could not take it anymore. I bought the medicine that the Doctor asked us to buy, and she took the two medicines after lunch today. We decided for her not to join the training today and tomorrow but on Saturday maybe she will.


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