Foods To Take For ADHD Child

I nearly cried when I learned that my youngest daughter can’t seem to focus on her new school and she tends to ask question randomly not even related to the subject. I told my husband about it and  he got disappointed. We were thinking to put her back in a therapy but we were taking a hold of it, because I know we can talk to her about it. We searched about ADHD again, what needs to be done or the activity and what food should she  take. And my husband came up with this:

  • Lean meats and poultry
  • Fish rich in Omega Fatty Acids
  • Fruits and Vegetable
  • Whole Grains
  • And healthy unsaturated fats
  • Probiotics (Yakult)

Good thing I was able to straightened it out. I talked to her in private about it. I let her understand and realized of what she did. She cried and said she didn’t know  she was already distracting the whole class. I monitored and frequently asked the teacher if she improves or if there are other things we need to correct. The teacher said that she’s improving, she didn’t hear any complaints from her co-teachers. I just hope that Faith continue behaving properly. I am crossing my fingers to it.


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Do You Want To Lose Weight?

Do you want to lose weight?

Losing weight doesn’t mean you will starve to death; you should still eat if you don’t want to end up getting sick and go to the emergency room. There are just some tips that you should remember and avoid.

Number 1 rule, don’t skip breakfast. It is the start of the day and probably you will be busy ahead, how can you accomplish something when you are too weak to do it?

Eat regular meals but not too much. You should not forget that too much of something can be very bad. Eat just enough for you not get too full.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, with these two you don’t need to take laxative to withdraw those toxic inside your tummy. You bowel movement will be normal and hey you don’t have to run!

Drink plenty of water, they say it should 8 glasses in a day if you can’t then lessen it, make it 7 glasses instead or take it one at time until you reach your goal.

Eat high fiber foods, simply they are healthy

For you to control or avoid eating too much, get a smaller plate.

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We Need Pottassium

According to Dr. Wassertheil-Smoller if you are rich with potassium in your diet, their risk of stroke will become so slim especially to those people who are having post-menopausal. Potassium can lower blood pressure. Vegetables and Fresh fruits is a good source of Potassium. With 90, 000 post-menopausal women, Dr. Wassertheil and his team were able to determine who among them has a big chance of stroke and who has the slim chance through their incidence. And they found out that those women who are enriched with potassium didn’t undergo of stroke incidents. In fact they reduced their general risk of stroke by at least 12 percent. But you have to be aware that having potassium diet should be start at least before the onset of high blood pressure, because potassium could not help in either way when you are already having a high blood pressure. So when to start having a potassium diet, I guess we have to start now since the postmenopausal would start from 50 to 79.

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The Most Important Meal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day if you skipped breakfast you just bring yourself of great   memory loss, grouchy, lesser energy. It is as the same with just a cup of coffee or a sandwich. You may be unaware that eating sandwich alone with egg or cheese or in a bun has a high risk of poor blood vessel flow because sandwiches contain 50 grams of fat and 900 calories and it causes their vessels lesser to dilate and deliver oxygenated blood to the heart. In that case, you are prone for heart attack.

So even you are full enough to take your breakfast you still have to eat a little so you can perform better your duties at work, some would just have a cup of coffee and a sandwich but they don’t know the trouble they brought themselves in. If you want to have a better happy diet, don’t eat one meal a day but complete the 3 meals, don’t eat much junk food and avoid some fatty sandwiches and foods that contain more cholesterol, remember you still have more things to achieve so having a heart attack in an early age is not an option

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