Oh So Fresh And Affordable

I could not afford for any souvenirs when we went to Buda just this month. But I felt like I was just wasting my opportunity to at least buy anything there. So when my friend said that the lettuce was very much affordable in Bemwa, I and some of my friends went there the next day to buy the lettuce and they are right, it is very cheap the only thing that was not cheap is the dressing. The dressing was P 200. 00 but the lettuce was only P 30. 00 since we paid P 50. 00 in the entrance. Wasn’t it a good deal? So of course I did not let the chance slipped away. When we got home Mj prepared the salad right away, the dressing was very delectable. It has its own unique taste that you could experience from any other dresser plus the lettuce is oh so fresh. My day was complete and was so satisfying although I have pains all over.

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No Lettuce This Time Yet

I was thinking to buy lettuce for my loaf bread. I was thinking to put lettuce, sweet ham and broiled egg in my loaf bread. But then when I grocery shop the other day I found out that the lettuce alone cost like P 70. 00. My eyes grew big, my niece was right it is really very costly. I didn’t buy it.

When I grocery shop I have my list ready, what necessary things I need to buy, the lettuce was just an option if I have extra. I had extra that time but it was not enough for the lettuce. I don’t want to ruin my budget and of course my list so I have to set it aside. Maybe when things go right I can buy it. No lettuce this time yet.

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