Left Over Rice

Whenever there’s rice left over in our rice cooker, I always told my niece and Mj to eat the left over first before getting the newly cooked. I was so disappointed this morning because my niece got the new one; Mj was excused because she was already in a hurry to catch up her carpool so she just ate cereal. But with my niece she supposed to eat the left over that was already on her front, when she ate the new one. I already heated it a while ago so she has nothing to complain about. Sigh, I guess another left over that I have to take good care before it will spoiled, I mean I have to eat that one before it will give up. I might go to buy some fresh fish and make soup so my left over rice would have a good taste.

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Finished 2 Cups Of Rice

I hate it when I got too hungry because I can finished 2 cups of rice just like what happen the other night after our belly dancing session. I was already starving when I fetched my daughter from her training and from there we went immediately to a BBQ house and waited for like minutes, I was so hungry that when our order came, it was not the foods that we ordered, I guess the cook mistakenly grilled a pork instead of a chicken, so we waited again until our chicken came. So without any further ado, and without any talking, we ate like there was no tomorrow and I didn’t notice that I already finished 2 cups of rice. I told my friend then that I will just drink a cup of tea when I get home but too bad, my tea bags were also finished so I feel bloated today that’s why when I went to the grocery store today, I picked up a box of tea bags, it was like 30 all in all.

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Between Benignit and Rice

We had an agreement that we will not eat rice after 6:00 p.m., on Good Friday but just when the clock strike at 12 midnight, my tummy grumbles. I was hungry! So I went out in the bedroom to have something to eat, I saw the benignit on the other side of the stove but then as when I have it on my plate, my tummy is looking for rice especially when our viand is paksiw, so what I did I just ate a little benignit, that was probably one scoop then after that, I ate some rice and matched it with paksiw. And when I was already so full, I regretted it. I should not let my cravings for that night, now my diet is ruined, not only that but my fasting as well.

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