Benefits Of Lettuce

Since I mentioned Lettuce to one of my posts here, let’s check the benefits that we can get from Lettuce. Lettuce is more than a vegetable, it is not only giving us all the nutrients that we need but it can also get us slimmer.

Lettuce can help you to get some sleep because it extracts isolating depressant chemicals. These chemicals showed significant sedative effects. Lettuce posses antioxidants too. Antioxidants are a bio chemicals more often than not found in our diet. This is the reason why most of Dietician recommends taking some lettuce when you are on a diet. Lettuce leaf extracts can control of any kind of cancer. Most significantly leukemia and breast cancer, Experiments also says that the weight ratio of human lettuce consumption required killing at least 50% of leukemia cancer cells.

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Fresh Vegetable Salad For My Daughter

I am so impressed with my daughter when she suggested that I shall buy her a fresh vegetable salad. She really love the crunchy taste while she dips it in the sauce. When I checked the salad this morning, it was all gone, she really did eat it yesterday. I am so glad that she loves it, and she loves veggies unlikely me, even my friends are insisting me to eat vegetables I would really refuse it, unless if the one who cooked it is my sister and brother in law then that’s the time I could eat it but selected veggies only.

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